The year 2020 in Real Estate

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Real Estate

2020 Was quite a year in Real Estate! In our area of Branson, MO, we were quite amazed with the Market. First off, January and February in the Branson Tri-lakes Area is always slower, we tend to pick up in March when everything opens back up. However, Covid hit and the world stopped in March. So everything in Real Estate pretty much came to a halt! Until end of May, when everyone decided it was ok to buy Real Estate and our market shifted from a Buyers Market to a Sellers Market. Everyone was buying up lake homes as quick as they hit the market! It was crazy and still is. Everyone realized they could work from home more so why not work from home with a lake view? Interest Rates remainded low (around 3%) all year. Investors were buying up condos, nightly rental lodges and everything else they could buy. Branson was building big lodges for tourist to vacation in with all of their family under one roof. And all of them are sold! So that was 2020 in a nutshell!

With that said, I need more homes to sell! And if you are an Investor, I'd love to talk to you! Just give me a call at 417-699-0108, Tammy Rodman.